Army Reserve Jobs

Army Reserve Jobs Offering Something for Everyone

There are more Army Reserve jobs than you can imagine such that everyone can find a choice there. In fact, the US Army Reserve is the best option for you to advance your civilian career to higher levels and get more recognition in your job. You will never regret trying this out because it never disappoints. When you are recruited into the Army Reserve, you will have more than 150 careers to choose from. These jobs are also referred to as Military Occupational Specialties (MOSs). They will propel your civilian career more than working elsewhere would and therefore you will be the real gainer at last.

Why is a job in the Army Reserve important?

First, the job that you get in the Army Reserve is just aside kick  Army Reserve Jobs that nevertheless brings you steady income. Remember that as an army reservist, you have to attend to duty one weekend every month and two weeks for every year. This is easy enough for many people and the good news yet is that you will only be posted in a military base that is close to your original physical address. Even if you are deployed for military duty alongside the active duty soldiers, you cannot go on a tour that exceeds more than 3 years. If you have been looking for away to wear the uniform and your country proud, then this is a perfect opportunity. Just see the local recruiter or apply for the Army Reserve jobs online.

The Army Reserve has something for everyone as long as you can meet the recruitment criteria. This is simple enough and its nothing to fret about. For example, the general requirements are that:

  • You must have a high school diploma or its equivalent for example GED
  • You must pass the ASVAB test
  • You must be aged between 18 and 40 years but with parental consent, you can also join at 17 years.
  • You must be a US citizen or alien resident
  • You must be physically fit and be of good moral standing.

While getting your career in the US Army Reserve is very easy, you also need to select career beforehand. There are many of them and therefore you are advised to treat this as a normal career search. For example, you should apply for a job that is specific to you interests and likes and if you already have civilian training, you should select a job that is in line with your training.

You will enjoy various bonuses for enlisting and you will be paid for every weekend that you are on duty, once every month plus the two weeks that you will be on active duty every year. This flexibility will allow you to keep your civilian job and so you will have two sources of income. Before you apply for any of the Army Reserve jobs you need to know about the pay and the bonuses.


A soldier, whether reserve or active duty is a soldier and therefore you will still be part of the revered US fighting machine. That fact alone is enough to give you all the satisfaction that you need. Again, you also get the same training as the active duty soldier, only that you train one weekend every month and two weeks every year while he/she is always on duty. In fact when training, you train alongside the active duty soldier.

The Army Reserve is an industry on its own, offering civilians careers like administrative and support jobs. Such jobs involve record keeping, ordering supplies and so forth. The good thing is that you will first get hands-on training for the same. There are media and arts jobs for people who would like to advance their journalism or graphic design careers. In media jobs, you will be responsible for   designing brochures for the military, while the media jobs may involve broadcast organization and execution. They may also involve doing some public relations work for the reserve army and so forth.


There are computers and technology and here, you learn and work with the best. This will help you advance your civilian career a great deal. There are jobs under intelligence where you will learn to decipher codes, gather and analyze electronic intelligence. You will be taught about the computer systems, how to read an interpret satellite images and so forth. For legal and law enforcement, you can work with the military police. In the construction and engineering jobs, people construct roads and permanent and temporary buildings in the country and even in other countries too. Such skills as you will muster here can be a big plus for you in civilian life.

If you are in the medical field, there is a job for you. With so many jobs at hand, if you find it a daunting task to choose the correct one, contact the local recruiter for assistance on the right career for you, the pay and the bonuses. Army Reserve jobs abound all over and you know what the army will instill the discipline and altitude that you need to survive even in civilian life

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Marine Reserve jobs

Marine Reserve Jobs For Extra and Steady Income

Marine Reserve jobs are great if you would like to maintain some form of freedom and yet get an opportunity to serve your country. Although active duty marines would like to pump their chests and say they do more for their country, the truth is that marine job is a marine job. The training is very close if not similar and when it comes to active duty in the defense of the nation, the marine reservist dies side by side with the active duty marine. While army reserve jobs have many pros, the marine jobs take all the credit, and deservedly so. This is simply the best and most prestigious force to belong to, whether on reserve or active duty basis.

To understand the jobs that you would find here,  it is better to study all the jobs in the marine corps because they are about the same. The only difference is that the same jobs may be limited for the reserve marines. For example, if there are 50 job openings, 47 of them may go to the active marines while the rest 3 go to the reservist marines. again the training is the same because you undergo the same drills  and classes but while you do it only one weekend in a month while the active duty marine will do it every day. As you train, you will be training alongside the active marines and therefore there is no difference at between you and the others except that yours ismarine reserve jobs more of a part time job.

Marine Reserve jobs are usually limited to what is available while for active marines, they choose what job they have qualified. This is the main difference. Of course, as a reservist, you can only be given the existing jobs that are closest to where you live. Note that the former marines are also part of the reservist forces and can go back to the training units until they are recalled to active duty.

Types of available Marine Reserve jobs

The United States marine corps, whether reservists or active duty is like an industry on its own, but especially to jobs related to warfare. Today, this may as well involve just any kind of job in the market. the good news is that for any type of job you find in the Marine Reserve, you will receive basic training for it, irrespective of  whether you had civilian training for the same or not.

There are building and construction jobs for buildings as well as roads. For this, basic skill and training in masonry, electrical wiring and more is provided. In this case, you would be able to work at home as well as abroad, but as a Marine Reserve, you are not going to be posted for tours that exceed 3 years. The good news is that the civil and building engineering skills that you get here can also be applied in civilian jobs. Well, considering that the modern employers look upon the marine corps as the most hardworking and elite force in the US, you can be sure you will never be out of work even after you leave the USMC.

There are many jobs in food and culinary skills and there are many jobs too in the personnel department where one can work boosting the morale of the soldiers. A person working here would be responsible for preparing and executing social events and functions. They will also order food supply but after the receive class training and instructions for the same. They will also be required to develop menus fit for fighting men and women. Such skills can be used later in civilian life if one wants to become a restaurateur.

There are many media jobs for media and communications enthusiasts. Such include graphic design, communication, press and so forth. One can work with advanced computer programs to design brochures. Here, you can also be working in the public affairs departments. You may be responsible for videos and photographs. A person who has civilian training in journalism would fit here very well.

A career in surveillance and intelligence gathering and analysis is also a great choice for many people. In fact, this is one of the readily available Marine Reserve jobs. You can get classroom training on how to interpret satellites photographs and videos. You will be taught how to operate radios to intercept communication as well as coordinate communication for troops while they are on the move. In this career too, you will get hands on training for computer systems and anything else that is useful in gathering and analyzing intelligence. You will learn how to decipher codes. After you leave the Marine Corps reserve, you can get a job in the security provision companies, the police or any other industry where such services would come in handy.

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Army Ranks

Army Ranks – What It Takes to Move Up

One of the primary objectives of the military is to have a reserve of people that can serve and protect the nation and its people. Getting into the Army won’t be easy, as it is in fact considered as one of the toughest jobs in the world – and sometimes it involves a being in a situation between life and death. Being in the army also means you have to be hard working and have the dedication, patience and discipline to perform every task successfully. More than that – good intrinsic values is also required if you wish to reach a higher Army ranks. These are some things you need to understand regarding the positions and ranks and within the Army.

Your Uniform Signifies Your Army Ranks

There are nine levels in the Army ranks, where in each level an abbreviation will be assigned – as well as a grade that helps symbolize the rank or position. Being a soldier in the army, you will get to proudly wear a uniform that has logos. More than just images, the logos will signify your level or position within the army. The uniforms can also easily determine the level of the person who is wearing them. Army RanksThere are two stripes on the collar and sleeves of the uniform, where the first one is known as the chevron. The first stripe actually points up, whereas the second one points down. The latter is known as well as an arc.

The Many Positions in the Army

When you start a career in the Army, you will first become a Private. As a beginner, you have to complete at least 12 months of dedicated service if you want to move up the ranks and become what is known as a Private First Class.

However, a Private First Class isn’t your final destination in the army. Once you have trained in the MOS, you can move up to a higher position known as the Specialist. Compared with those in the lower ranks, Specialist is known to have more edge. This is in line with the fact that you will have more experience by that time. The next rank that will be your aim after a Specialist is to become a Corporal. When you reach this stage, you have become a Junior NCO. With more experience under your belt and some training, you will be able to move up the rank and become a Sergeant. This is the level where you have the opportunity to become a leader in the battle squad – provided that the Staff Sergeant is not around. Subsequently, the Staff Sergeant is your next aim. Being a Staff Sergeant you will have the power to lead four squads. Once you have mastered all there is to know being a Staff Sergeant, your next goal is to become a Sergeant First Class. Now you are one of the Senior NCOs in the army.

Don’t get too comfortable in this position yet, because there are more ladders to climb. The next rank that you should aim to become is the Platoon Sergeant. In essence, being a Platoon Sergeant is akin to being an assistant to the leader of the Platoon – which in this case is usually a Lieutenant. When you are a Platoon Sergeant, you will also be given the right to hold E7s in another platoon. If you are determined enough, you can then move up the level of Master Sergeant, which is considered as a staff position in the army. The next level is the First Sergeant, which you can easily move up to again in the Army Ranks after several years of service. Provided you have met all the requirements, you can now become a Sergeant Major. If you pass this hurdle, the next position is to become a Command Sergeant. Finally, you will have your eyes set on becoming the Sergeant Major – which is one of the highest ranks in the army.

Wear your Uniform Proud

Hopefully the brief explanation on Army ranks above will tell you just what lies ahead in your effort to become the best in the army. It will take a lot of dedication and years of service – but it’s something worth doing since you are doing a service for the country and your countrymen. You are responsible for the protection of security and peace of the country – as well all of the allies and areas that are occupied by the country. In addition to that, joining the Army means you are also part of a team that is responsible with the implementation of all policies and objectives of the country; and confrontation of any other nations that may threaten the security and peace of the world. Don’t think of it as a burden, but as a privilege – and as proudly bear the name and flag of the country in your uniform in performing your duty.

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Army Resume

Tips of Writing an Excellent Army Resume.

When writing an army resume, you should keep in mind that this is a very sensitive documents that determines whether you are awarded a contract or job or you are denied either of the two which you were in pursuit of. Resumes should therefore be written with a lot of care and caution not to write the wrong details or to omit major a determinant details. This article contains some very importance tips and reminders of the things to do or put down on paper and some rules of writing an army resume.

One of the first most important elements contained in an army resume and you should first check whether you have indicated this one is the TITLE written in caps in order to make it possible for you to remember. By the way you can be taking some notes so that by the time you finish reading this article you will have some summary of what a resume is supposed to include. You know this is an official document and you are not supposed to write junk and irrelevant details, also you should be able to correctly phrase the most important details so as to catch the very attention of the hiring team.

Secondly, you can employ numerous keywords and antonyms that apply to your job and work background in general. You are not supposed to omit acronyms on products worked on or projects you have accomplished or done before. You may think that the hiring officials are not aware of the meaning of those acronyms and keywords but accidentally when you leave them out only to find that these are the keywords and acronyms the hiring team is looking for, if you include these keywords and acronyms you increase your chances by increasing the attention which then increases your chances of winning the contract or getting the job you want.

You also need to make sure that the information presented in the army resume is truthful, false information is not entertained and is normally taken as misrepresentation. In some cases it result to disciplinary action while in others it can just badly ruin you reputation thus denying you a chance at present and latter on when you need it as they will never consider your resume again. In some more serious cases, you can loose a job due to the vice of misrepresentation which is simply giving false information whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Thou shall not “Overkill” and this means that you should not have aarmy resume bulk of a booklet in the name of an army resume, if anything please try and keep your resume less than two pages. Otherwise you will have overdone your resume, less than two pages of a resume and with all the required information exhibits an expression of confidence and this increases your chances of getting a job or a contract.

Another unanimous mistake that applicants do is generally termed as vagueness in your army resume. After you have already landed yourself a job in the armed forces, do you really need to narrate stories of what you used to do after high school? No need to because this shows lack of creativity and feeble mindedness. Avoid vagueness in your resume at all costs and you can be guaranteed better chances of winning the job contract. Write only what you have accomplished and avoid writing a job description instead of an army resumes accomplishments listing.

Plagiarism has never been and will never be of any help to any person writing a resume. There is  a grate tendency of copying an example of a friends work, the hiring team will get used to seeing the same contents and they might at the time be looking to single out a uniquely written resume. To make sure you do not miss out on such a golden opportunity, make sure that your creativity makes your copy unique and straight to the point. The hiring team is definitely going to be more attentive to your unique copy of resume.

Another thing to note down is; it is not acceptable to write your resume on a colored piece of paper, this is mainly so because copies have to be made for various individuals of the team and other involved bodies and a colored copy my turn out to be illegible. You also do not need to give so many tiresome details because you might be applying for an executive post for instance with the security industry. You should also use an appropriate prefix so that one can easily tell your gender. Some names do not suggest the gender like “Lynn” so you need to indicate whether Mr. or Ms. You should also not leave out job objective as this is very important you should expressly state what you are pursuing.

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Army Reserve Benefits

Army Reserve Benefits – Joining One Will Change Your Life

As one organization that has a long respected history in the country and in the world, the Army Reserve makes a great career choice for everyone who wants to serve the country. Established at the start of last century, the Reserve was once limited only for officers. Things changed for the better during the World War, where all men and women of the country can register and become enlisted as an Army Reserve Officer. Though joining the Reserve won’t be a walk in the park, the Army Reserve benefits far surpass the difficulties that you have to endure during your service.

What exactly are the benefits that you will get from joining the Army reserve BenefitsArmy and become an Army Reserve officer? Before we get to that – it is best to understand what life will be like in the Army.

When you become an Army Reserve officer – you can provide your service for the country in part-time – instead of a full-time thing. Those who aren’t actively serving will have an assignment for at least one weekend every month. This number will double if you are still on your annual training – so you will have to serve for two weeks per month.

In general, the Army Reserve will require you to provide service for eight years. Those eight full years are the times where you have to be committed for the cause. Within those years, you can choose to participate as well in the regular army – instead of just being in the Army Reserve.


When it comes to the careers that you can have in the Reserve, there are a wide variety of fields that you can choose from according to your talent, specialty and preference. For example, you can join the medical groups, water supply battalions, or even chemical brigades. Other options include public affair units or railway units. These are not all though – because the Army Reserve has other more careers to choose from.


According to statistics, there are now over than 200,000 young men and women who have registered in the Reserve. These are well-skilled and trained personnel that can be placed at any stations in case of a crisis in any part of the country. As an esteemed member of the Reserve, you should be proud to know that you play a role in securing the future. When you are in the Reserve, you can choose a plethora of educational paths that will be useful for the Army jobs. The country fully guarantees you the right to get educational support throughout the course of your service. More than that – you will also get the same privilege as a veteran.

In total, there are more than 10 jobs await you. The jobs range from mechanical ones, to something technical that required extensive training. Whatever your interest lies in – you can be sure that there will be a job within the Reserve that can accommodate your talent.


As mentioned, the benefits that you will get by joining the Reserve are plenty. From furthering your education, getting medical benefits, to travelling – these are but a few. It’s worth noting that every day thousands of young people explore the prospect of enlisting and becoming a part of other men and women who keep the country safe. If you decide to join the Reserve, you will have a head start in life and there are many rewards that you can reap.

In general, the military service can be divided into the Army, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and Navy. Each of the units has their own Reserve units – they will be typically stationed closer to the country base. These brave young men and women undergo the same training as those in the armed forces. To keep up with the often harsh training, the soldiers will devote one weekend in every month. Those who are in the Reserve will have to be aware that there’s the possibility of them being called into active duty.

Joining the Reserve gives you the opportunity as well to serve in the armed force. You can choose careers that range from media, accounting, engineering, combat operation and even business administration. There are more careers to choose from though – so you don’t have to worry about not finding one that suits your preference.

If you have become officers in the regular Army, you have even more chance to further your career in the military world. This ranges from being a pilot, civil engineer, and physician, to a communication manager and a lot more. Regardless of your initial intention for joining the Army, whether it is for something long term or short term, the education, experience and training that you will receive while serving the country will be one that is hard to compare with other professions. Hopefully the Army Reserve benefits out there can convince you to give the best that you can for the country.

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Armed Forces

A General Look at the Armed Forces

The armed forces is a very important part of the United States security. The members of the senior citizens society as they are popular serve the nation with a great devotion and love to an extent that they put their own lives on the line just to keep the civilian citizens at good state. For these and more reasons they are highly respected and honorable people. Both men and women are tirelessly working to make the states a habitable place away from terror threats and a great sense of security.

Many of those men and women working in the armed forces enjoy great benefits of serving the nation. One of these well know benefits is the retirement plans. Who does not know that military men do not pay taxes on the goods they buy. There are many more benefits and all of the benefits they get are worth them since theyarmed forces work so hard to build the nation. They not only protect people from external attacks as they also use academics skills acquired through learning to serve the nation and its people. For example, engineers in the armed forces are the ones who greatly build and maintain infrastructure as well as offer technical support for government projects. So far, not even half of the things that they help do have been mentioned. How many times have you been watching news and you see the military troop land with a helicopter loaded with relief food for donation in Africa? The expected answer for that question is many times.

For those who have had the aspiration to join the armed forces, d not lose hope, try time and time again to go out for competing in recruitments until you lastly qualify to join your desired job in the armed forces. In the armed forces, you get to learn how to work as a team and also get to interact with people from different walks of life who may in most cases not lack a thing or two to add to your knowledge. Needless to say, life in the armed forces is an adventurous life. You will take trips around the world to places you even never thought that you will ever step your feet and experience life in numerous diverse environments.  This may explain why most people who have succeeded in getting jobs with the armed forces seem never to let go that lifestyle. Even those who are retired when they are called for a temporary duty they do not hesitate to go back and give their best for the sake of the nation.

The various branches of the armed forces also engage in various rescue operations. It is possible that you have seen videos of places where floods have come in or another place where there is a bomb explosion, an earthquake a tsunami or any other disaster and the first people or among the list of those who will come for your rescue are soldiers or medics from the armed forces. Since they are important people, citizens especially the civilians should give them support in terms of moral support and also other forms of support that they may need to keep them going on strong. They are your brothers and sisters and friends and cousins, generally, they are your relatives.

This is the stronghold of each and every nation out there and the stability of the forces determines the stability of a nation. They should therefore be treated with the respect they deserve and as they continue to support the development interest of the nation. There are many things that you can discover about this branch of a country and you will come to learn to appreciate their efforts. You can find out more information from the internet about the armed forces or visit their websites to read more about them. Then if you are interested in any area of the forces you can find out more about that specific position and you will come to like that.  There are articles that you will find on the internet which discuss each branch of the defense and find detailed information on the duties and responsibilities of each and every officer in the forces.

Finally there are private farms which are hiring military officers at very competitive salaries and such firms’ offer opportunities for one to have better job opportunities in career advancement and this means that you may opt to serve the nation as a soldier from the private industries. You also have a chance to start a career if you had none before recruiting. With this and more information you can say a thing or two to your peers and you will prove to them the importance of the armed forces and their national contribution in general. Has this article been helpful to you?

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Army Reserve Officer

Army Reserve Officer: History, Reasons and Career Ladder

If you are interested in having a career in the Army and becoming an Army Reserve Officer, it’s best to understand the history of this esteemed organization first.


Back in 1908, the Congress gave its blessing for the Army to build a reserve corps of medical officers. This is considered as the country’s first Federal Reserve. It was not until four years from that stage that a regular version of the Army Reserve was finally authorized by the Congress as well.

Though it got authorized in 1912, the Army Reserve was first called for duty only in 1916, when there’s a growing tension between the United States and Mexico. The first mobilization was seen as an important step for the Reserve to show its potential. That very same year we also saw the establishment of the Enlisted Army Reserve OfficerReserve Corps thanks to the passing of The National Defense Act of 1916. This was the period where America entered the World War I.

When the war finally ended, the number of Reservists who was ready to serve for the nation reached a staggering 170,000. This is a significant number because the number was practically zero just a decade before. The Reservists have since then actively participated in conflicts that involved the United States. One of the most popular figures to come out from the Army Reserve at that time was General Theodore Roosevelt, who later on became President of the United States.

By the time the world was entrenched with the war in Korean peninsula, the country had more than 250,000 Reservists. At that time, the Congress decided to change the structure of the Reserve. Where initially there was only type of Army Reserve, there were now three types: the Ready, the Standby and the Retired Reserve. All in all, deployments of the Army Reserve have included Somalia, Iraq, Haiti, Bosnia, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. Upon reading the brief history of the Army Reserve, hopefully you know now that it’d take more than just guts to join the Reserve – but it will also require dedication, service, and sacrifice to keep the nation safe.


It’s great if the brief history has convinced you to become an Army Reserve Officer, but to really sweeten the deal, here are some more reasons why the position may lead to further successful career in the civilian world.

When you join the Army Reserve, you will have the chance to lead soldiers. Though you have the same tasks and responsibilities as other Active Duty counterparts, you will get to serve at least one time every month.

Joining the army will prove invaluable as you will be taught of many life skills and knowledge. For sure, you will get the leadership experience that will be unmatched by other professions. The challenge that you face will mold you into a better person for yourself and for others.

One of the best reasons to join the Army Reserve is the fact that you will be able to serve your country. You get to put the uniform and feel that you belong to something better and greater than yourself. The country will not abandon you once you have done your responsibility. Unlike many professions out there that doesn’t offer a pension, the Army Reserve does offer a pension – even if you work only part-time. Do note that to be eligible for a pension, you should work and be dedicated for least 20 years of part-time work. As for the last reason to join the Army reserve, this is something that you wouldn’t have been able to do in your civilian career — bringing something good to the country and ultimately the world.


As to what you can expect once you have applied as an Army Reserve Officer – read on for information about the time you need to spend at each rank before you get a promotion.

It is likely that you will serve as a Second Lieutenant as your first rank. You will need to spend about 1.5 years at this rank before you can move up the career ladder. Before, you will need to attend the Officer Basic Course. Once you become the First Lieutenant, you will need to spend a minimum of 2 years before you can become a Captain. During your tenure as a First Lieutenant, you will have to serve as the Battalion Staff Officer or Platoon Leader. Being Captain is something that you can achieve once you hit the 42-months service mark. As a Captain, you must complete the Captain’s Career Course if you want to move up the ranks.

The next highest rank is Major – where you can be one once you complete the Captain’s Career Couse and the Company Command. The time that it normally takes to become a Major is about 4 – 6 years. At this rank, you may need to spend the same amount of service years before you will be promoted to a Lieutenant Colonel rank. From this point – your aim is to be a Colonel and then as a Brigadier General. The latter is considered as a very prominent rank that only a few can reach. This can be you if you are determined in your effort to become the best Army Reserve Officer.

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Army Careers

How to Choose Army Careers That Matches Your Aptitudes

Army careers are designed in such a way that they equip you with the relevant skills required in today’s job market such that even when you are discharged, you can still prove very competitive in the civilian job market. In fact, training for careers in the army is one of the best options for you to day and you can be sure that with the skills that you get there will equip you for very competitive civilian living. There are combat and non-combat occupations in the army and so it is easy for you to find a career, which is in line to your interests. That is why you should not jump headlong into the military looking for a career because you first need ample information regarding such.

To find the right career in the US Army you have to make a CV and make sure that it is SEO optimized. Like any other way of searching for a job online, how soon you get it may depend on whether you have used keywords related to the careers offered in the military. For example, if you are looking for a job in Army Intelligence, then you have to make sure that the words intelligence officer appears frequently in your resume.

The requirements for army careers differ. While the basic one may be a high school diploma. You may need higher eduaction qualifications if you are an officer, you may need a bachelors or graduate degree. It is also very Army careersimportant for you to know all the terms involved in the job contract. For example, some working conditions in the army are hazardous even when there is no war going on. You also have to know that when you enlist for the army, you should conform to military rules at all times. As long as you are in active duty, you can choose what you want to do if you are trained for it, or you can train while you are in the army. However, for Army Reserve, you may have to take what is on offer.

Today, more than 2.4 million people are employed in the army. To keep it as a perfect fighting machine, there are varieties of jobs that must be done to make sure that everything runs in order. Right from combat specialty to administrative jobs, each job is perhaps as important as the other although not as dangerous. The good thing is that you can choose what catches your fancy. Once enlisted, you will be eligible for retirement after 20 years in the army.

As of now, the prospects are that there will be jobs in the army for qualified people through 2018. Therefore, all that one needs to find out is whether they meet the physical, aptitude and mental qualifications to join the army. If they do, then a career in the army can be very satisfying and even after you leave, you can still go get work in civilian industry that pertain to what you did in the army. Life in the army is not only pleasing because of the ready employment but it also comes with very big packages. For example, for people living in military bases, there is free food and accommodation and there are free sports facilities. Medical and dental care is free and rail transport is cut in half. After you have served in an operational tour, you will get paid-for leave. Officers and soldiers who serve full time also enjoy 38 days paid leave annually. This more than compensates for the hard work you have to put in army careers.

When you enlist, you will undergo several tests to help determine your aptitude. This w ay, you can get a career that is in line with your interest. The principle that people deliver most in when they do what they like holds in the army too. What are the kinds of careers you can look forward to in the army? See below:

  • Construction occupations
  • Combat careers (specialty in weapons)
  • Electrical and electronic repair
  • Administrative jobs
  • Healthcare jobs
  • Transport, logistics and material handling
  • Plant operator specialists
  • Media and public affairs occupations
  • Protective service personnel for example, fire fighters.
  • Human resource and personnel management jobs
  • Technical, engineering and science jobsSupport service jobs like organizing events, offering guidance and counseling and so forth.

Note that all people, the newly enlisted or the officers can work in any job that they choose but their rank also counts. For example, the combat specialty officer develops attack plan and he leads combat. The human resources manager develops human resource plans, executes them and so forth just as one would in the civilian field. Before you can choose army careers, it is very important that you have enough information about life in the army. You can get that information here and on other websites. You can also get it from relatives and family friends in the army. If you know what will be involved beforehand, you will adapt very well to military life and you will never regret it. Good luck

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Army Reserve Pay

Army Reserve Pay – Understanding the Bonuses and Packages

Before you can apply for any job in Army Reserve you need to know about the benefits and Army Reserve pay also called drill pay. For the six years that you will be in service, you will have a steady flow of income depending on how often you go for duty since this is a part time occupation. The good news though is that since Army Reserve also takes people with civilian training, this can be a great way for you to advance your civilian career and many people have benefited this way. On the same note, you can join the US army reserve at a young age and as such, they would help you focus, find the direction that you need in life by helping you choose the career that best fits your interests. To be eligible for Army Reserve, you have to be between 18 and 40 years of age but can still join at 17 but with parental consent.

As you look for information about army reserve bonuses and payments, you will note that since 2010, the army has been offering bonuses as incentives for joining. Unlike the civilian payments, Army Reserve gives you great bonuses for Army Reserve Payperforming duties there. The good news though is that you do not have to quit your civilian career. You will also earn a regular paycheck for field training exercises and unit training that you must go through every year. Depending on your years of experience and as you rise in rank; your pay is also going to increase.

For a start, the bonus for enlistment in Army Reserve amounts to $20, 000 for qualified persons who have skills needed in the army. However, they must sign up for the six-year service contract. If you join Army Reserve as a chaplain, you are entitled to a bonus of $10,000. The enlistment bonus for a translator or specialist in Mid-East Languages (MOS 09L) adds up to $20,000. There are many more bonuses for different people in different categories but the good thing is that there is a bonus for everyone, even those who enlist with no special skills at all. Whenever you are on active duty status, you get free accommodation, meals and uniform.

To learn more about Army Reserve pay for soldiers, one should ask for guidance from the local recruiter, or just find the information online. Here, we bring you the most current figures and tables, as current as 2012. However, you should know that the salary and bonus figures will change with time and therefore you need to keep yourself updated if you want to stay at the top of your game. If you have  prior military skill, that is, you have been in the army for 14 years, retired and now want to join Army Reserve, you get a special bonus for that and this could be a $5000 enlistment bonus for 6 years or $2500 for 3 year service.

It is important that once you join Army Reserve, you should be consistent by attending the drills every month and be on two-week active duty every year. This way you will qualify for the retirement pay based on the points that you earn during drills and active duty in your years of service. To understand how much you will be paid, it is important to give a thorough study to the drill pay charts for 2012. Drill pay is what you get when you are not on active duty but should you later change to active duty; your pay will be upgraded to the same monthly pay as your counterparts in active duty get. In addition, many more benefits come when you join Army Reserve like educational benefits, health care and more. The figures, as said earlier, change with time and therefore you have to get the most updated figures. The local recruiter will give you updated information.

What other benefits do you get apart from Army Reserve Pay?

Joining army reserve may be just what you have been waiting for because it brings you a steady paycheck. Again, you do not have to leave your civilian job because you are only in attendance two weeks every year and one weekend every month to enable you keep your skills sharp. In fact, a three or six year stint in army reserve may be the directing force that you need for your career.

The army shapes your physical and mental discipline and enhances your social skills and therefore you can work very well as a team. This is very important in today’s work market. Again, you can also get faster employment even after discharge because many employers associate the army with discipline and hard work. So joining Army Reserve is a win-win situation for you in general. The longer that you have been there and the higher that your rank rises, the more money you will earn. Army reserve pay can be a great way of making extra income and advancing your career skills.


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Army Reserve

Army Reserve Benefits That Help You Advance Your Civilian Career

Also called the United States army reserve USAR?, this is a very important group in the armed forces. It was formed in 1908 as a reserve force of medical personnel to the army but later on, through reorganization by the congress, this force acquired a higher status and it started offering unlimited openings for jobs for people with civilian training. Now a major part of the army, it is a great opportunity for anyone who would like to serve (albeit part time) in the respected forces of America, the big army that is revered at home, respected and feared by enemies outside home. In the USAR, you do not have to be involved in active military duty if you do want to. Any job in the USAR is called Military Occupational Specialty (MOS).

The operations of the USAR are not as complicated as they may seem to the uninitiated. For example, when one joins the US army, one has to sign a contract of 6 or 3 year-service. Reserve soldiers go for training one weekend every month, which is known as inactive duty training while they also go for two weeks at any time of the year forArmy Reserve Annual Training. This is enough to keep their skills honed.

As a reserve soldier, the first five months are for basic training and advanced individual training. Upon enlistment, the reserve soldier is subject to mobilization any time. The active guard reserve serve full time in the army and are also involved in the training of the USAR recruits as well as lead the USAR troops.

Currently the headquarters for USAR are in the Pentagon, headed by the Chief of Army Reserve, and staff to help in development and execution of the USAR programs. It has a chain of command and ranks just like the regular army.

How can you be recruited into the USAR?

Very easily, one would say. Thanks to the internet, all you have to do is logon to the Army Reserve website, see some job that you like and then go ahead and apply for that job. However, it is important that you choose a job that interests you and to make this even easier, maybe you should let a recruiter help you. There is a myriad of job choices in the reserve force and since some of them are so close, it may be a daunting task to choose the best one. The good news though is that you just will be able to find help on the internet and that is what is important.

Remember, there will be life after your eight years in USAR. Therefore, whatever job you choose there must be in hand with your long term career goals. This job should be based on your basic skills and interests and anyway, you should treat it as just an ordinary job. This way, you will love what you do. If you really are confused about what career to select, you can always get in touch with the local USAR recruiter

It is important that before you think of joining army reserve you should first know as much as you can about it. What are the benefits of joining the reserve force as opposed to full time occupation in the army? Luckily, here, you can get all the information that you need. Like any job in the army, this one will also provide you direction, stability and a steady income. Furthermore, you get many more advantages like lower medical insurance payments and so forth. You will be able to further your civilian career especially if you are in the information technology fields. There are more than 100 reserve jobs for you to apply. There must be one that matches your skills. Joining the army reserve is one way of maintaining and advancing your civilian career while you proudly wear the army uniform.

After the basic combat training of five months upon entry into the reserves, you go back to your civilian life but every month, you will go for a weekend of training and a full two weeks active duty every year to help keep the required army skills sharp. As of 2009, there were more than 205,000 reserve soldiers. The service options for you range from three to six years, as opposed to the full army where you sign a contract of eight years of service.

While there are financial benefits when one joins USAR, there are also many other benefits in your career and after your service, you will find that the army really did a lot to help you advance your civilian career. Because the army is one big team, you will learn all you ever need to know about teamwork and can be a better member of the society. This service will do you great physical and emotional good, thanks to the extensive training you receive in the army reserve.


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